• Unique technology

    Cable-Sense is non-invasive, non-disruptive. It's the only solution which can monitor every single cable channel, end-to-end. It's the only one you can retrofit.

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  • Energy Savings

    Cable-Sense provides a unique solution to enable energy cost savings right across your organization IT network.

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  • Network Integrity

    Cable-Sense can form an integral part of your compliance to recognised network security protocols such as ISO27000 and associated ITIL processes.

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Return on Investment

Cable-Sense can deliver a ROI in less than 12 months, across multiple budget centres:

  • IT - Improved server / switch port utilisation.
  • IT - Negates need for server audits, improved capacity management.
  • Operational - Automated downtime diagnostics plus planning, executing and recording MACS.
  • Energy - Savings in energy costs in the equipment room and work station.

Know Your Network

Cable-Sense manages all aspects of your network cabling infrastructure. It operates on each individual cable to provide comprehensive and real-time business-critical management information.

Imagine being able to quickly and easily install a system to an existing installation, that will allow you to understand and map every detail of that cable network and the devices attached to it. The information discovered will be securely held in cloud storage and accessible at any time. The system will require no frontal rack space and no reconfiguration of the existing cabling. It can scale from one patch panel to hundreds and be installed across multiple locations and managed centrally.

The information can be seamlessly integrated with system, network and data centre management applications. Real time monitoring is also available for and via mobile devices upon an extra request - mobile application development services provided by our UK's partner Intellectsoft.

Cable-Sense can deliver..

Utilization & Capacity Analysis

The system will report on both state changes and the activity on every cable – so a connected switch or server port that is inactive will be identified. With the network fully mapped, the system will automatically show the routing of that cable through a cross connect and zone enclosure to the outlet or device.

Integrity & Security

Cable-Sense secures your physical network – any unscheduled connections or disconnections will be logged and escalated. Any changes in the cable run, whatever the cause, will be automatically identified to within half a metre. Cable-Sense will allow you to monitor who and what is attached to your network, and provides you the full audit trail of all connections and disconnections.

Energy Savings

Cable-Sense will allow you to ensure network devices are powered off when not required to minimise energy consumption and to better utilise your switch and server assets. The cost savings generated are immediate and on-going.

Automated Network Management

Cable-Sense enables you to automate the planning of your cabling network. Because it is web-based, centrally planning Moves, Adds and Changes is quick and efficient. Operatives in the patch field can perform the operations displayed on a mobile device and have changes confirmed by the system.